SSL and redirect

I received a mail from Dandomain yesterday that the yearly renewal for is near. 1. I thought that we had moved all the redirects and domains to 2. I wanted to check if is set up in shopify, but it isn't? Should we just not use the url and stop the subscription [...]

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Setup multilingual on Draw Doodles Shopify

Currently the Draw Doodles website is only in Danish. Bettina would like, that it will be a multilingual website with both Danish + English. The URL's for the new multilingual setup can look like this: Danish: (or alternatively English: Igor, can you setup the multilingual on the Draw Doodles Website? Igor, also [...]

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Change main domain for Draw Doodles Study website etc.

4 things: 1: Currently Bettina's website has this domain: However Bettina has decided, that the new main domain will be instead of 2: Also there has to be setup this redirect: redirect #1: redirect from to 3: And also please setup this redirect: redirect #2: to 4: Currently [...]

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Google Analytics GA4 tracking code on Draw Doodle website

There is already one Google Analytics script implemented on for the UA property. We need to keep that. In addition to that, I have also setup an additional GA4 property, and therefore there needs to be implemented an additional Google Analytics script on the site. Igor, can you please add this extra Google Analytics [...]

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