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At https://electro-energy.dk/kunde-login/ you have to call in to regain a forgotten password. I can see it’s a custom made widget - Is it possible to enable customers to change and/or receive a new password if forgotten? By mail – not by phone! Med venlig hilsen

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Google Analytics tracking code: electro-energy.dk

On electro-energy.dk, there is missing the Google Analytics tracking code. Please insert this: ... After you have inserted it, can you please test with Google Tag Assistant if it is implemented correctly? Please let me know, when you have done it. Thank you :-)

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Avada theme

I have updated to the newest wordpress on Electro energy – and now I have the ‘blocks’ - The new WP mode, which has overruled the builder in Avada. Will you look into it? I guess the Avada theme has a way of using it’s own builder – but it doesn’t seem like there is [...]

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Updates plugins

I have updated Wordpress and plugins on https://ee-healthcare.dk/ - but the plugin ‘LayerSlider WP’ calls for a license activation. Do you know anything about that – do we have a license?

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Fwd: Hjemmeside

Please see below scrrenshot (which Michael has taken from the old elctro-energy website). When a user is logged in, then it says the user's name. On the screenshot it is user 20964405, password: gqweixlm. When he is logged in, then it says: "HEJ SKORSTENSFEJERMESTER". Can you make the same function, on the new electro-energy website?

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Move new Electro-Energy website to Allan’s server on Thursday 31 May

Thomas ======================================== Hi Allan, CC: Stig, Igor, Christian We expect to be ready to move the new Electro-Energy website from Igor's development server to your server, on Thursday. After we have moved the new Electro-Energy website to your server, it will be in "development mode" (i.e. it will still be the old Electro-Energy website, which [...]

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Final customizations

I had a meeting today, with the client... they are very happy with the progress :-) So that is great :-) They have some things, they want to be fixed/changed... here is the feedback (Igor, if you can make it today + tomorrow, that would be great... it's a lot of small fixes). On this [...]

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Uddannelse page

On this page: https://electro-energy-project.igor-b.com/uddannelse/ there needs a few changes: 1: Please add a Capital letter 2: Please make 4 buttons instead of links 3: Please add a underline please see attachment, how to make it. Thank you :-)

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