Fwd: Cannabis services

We are not going to offer cannabis services after all. Instead we will focus on serilization of medical products. Can you change the names on the pages to Serialisering (DK site) and Serilization (UK site)? I wil get back to you with text on the pages.

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add a Job posting

Can you put this job posting on our website under the Danish section? It must be placed on the site “Om os” and must be placed under the link “Se mere under certificeringer her på siden” Make a new small headline called “Ledige stillinger” (in the same style as “Certificeringer”) and the link to the [...]

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Add Certificates

CC: Anders A little task for you... can you do that? :-) Please see below email from Anders, from HB-medical. ===================== Can you upload these documents on hb-medical.dk under “certifications” and “Certificeringer”?

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New little project: Move hb-medical from Scannet to One.com hosting

Anders (from HB-medical) doesn't want to use Scannet anymore... he wants us to move https://hb-medical.dk/ from Scannet's hosting to One.com hosting. Can you give me an estimate on amount of hours you need for this project? ================================================= Thank you Igor, that sounds great. We have approval from Anders for 20-25 hours. I will now send [...]

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Fwd: Cannabis services

Please make the following: Make 2 new pages: https://hb-medical.dk/da/services-dk/cannabis-services/ https://hb-medical.dk/en/services-en/cannabis-services/ Update the Danish + English menu. Update Sitemaps. Please see below email from Anders for further instructions. There is also an image, which you have to use. Please find it attached. Please let me know, when you have made the 2 pages. Then I need [...]

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Terms of Sales and Delivery for HB Medical

Can you replace the current Salgs- og leveringsbetingelser on the UK contact page, with the two attached? The title next to the pdf files should be: Terms of Sales and Delivery The first pdf for Hørsholm and the second for Falster

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Updating PDF documents

Hi Igor Can you please remove the first two documents from both the Certifcation sites called ”Certificate of GMP Compliance # 1 and # 2” and the document called “ Manufacturing and import authorization” from both the DK and the UK site? Please implement the attached document instead and call it “Certificate of GMP Compliance”. [...]

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