Update Kontakt + Find vej links in footer (Julie’s website)

In the footer, please update these 2 links: Kontakt (Danish footer): https://metakognitivterapeutkbh.dk/kontakt/ Kontakt (English footer): https://metakognitivterapeutkbh.dk/en/kontakt/ Find vej (This link should open in a different tab) (both Danish + English version of footer): https://www.google.com/maps/place/%C3%98rnevej+29,+kld.,+tv,+2400,+2400+K%C3%B8benhavn,+Danmark/@55.700024,12.534127,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4652524a5575905f:0x7e76c227f6174000!8m2!3d55.700024!4d12.5341267?hl=da-DK

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logo psd

Here you have the psd-file. I hope it works. As far I understand from Thomas, you will finish my work on tomorrow or Wednesday. I will wait until then to do the intern linking and proofread my own text, so I won´t limit your work.

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rettelser til hjemmeside

Here is the last Printscreen-corrections and the flags. They are just a supplemental explanation to the mail with the detailed corrections, I sent you some days ago. I mean that that one is still relevant.

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login for wordpress

Can you sent me the login on Wordpress? I can not get in and will make the intern linking. Can I work on the page at the same time as you or should I wait?

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add new pages on metakognitivterapeutkbh.dk

Please find below the Wetransfer download link (in case the link expires, before you have downloaded the files, then I have also just sent you a new Wetransfer link with the exact same files). And also please find attached Word documents (these are the texts, for each of the pages). Igor in the Zip-folder, there [...]

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Fwd: Kommunikation m Dandomain

Julie has asked Dandomain to change the domain from https://kraeftterapi.dk/ to https://metakognitivterapeutkbh.dk/. But for some reason it is showing 404. Igor, can you do following 2 things: 1: can you login to control panel of https://metakognitivterapeutkbh.dk/da/ and see if something is wrong in the wordpress control panel? 2: Then afterwards, can you write to jacob.bjorn.hansen-53d4f9aa3aaf@dandomain-0280a2d3fde0.intercom-mail.com, [...]

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Decrease margins mobile kraeftterapi

When you feel better again, can you fix the margins on kraeftterapi.dk on mobile. The top section is good, but then the margins become bigger and bigger. And in the Brystkræft section the text is very narrow on mobile. Can you fix, so that the margins are the same in all sections, as it is [...]

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kraeftterapi not appearing in Google Search

There is a problem with kraeftterapi.dk...it doesn't appear in Google searches. 1: open google.dk 2: write this in the search field: "site:kraeftterapi.dk" 3: then nothing appears... Igor, can you check if robots.txt on kraeftterapi.dk is blocking Google? Or maybe there are some noindex on the pages? Can you check that? What do you think?

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