Email Settings

The “Email Settings” contains the fields for all required settings for the process of sending Emails to Customers.

The first field should contain the email address which will be used as an address “From” in each email that will be sent by the plugin.

The second field should contain the text for the “Subject” for each email. In this field can be added some dynamic data such as “SAGSNUMMER”. To add this dynamic data you should add this custom Tag {{SAGSNUMMER}} in the place where they should be displayed dynamic data.

The third field should contain the link to the Logo file which you want to add to the Email content. This particular logo image will be placed also with the custom Tag {{LOGO}}.

The last field contains the text and logo (maybe with other images) and should also contain the custom Tags for dynamic data.
All available dynamic data with custom Tags are listed below:

  • {{LOGO}}