PDF Templates

The PDF Offer document contains a few pages.

For different “Pump models” should be used different prepared PDF Template.
For example:

  • for the models “Versi O” (S and C) should be used the PDF Template named – “Versi O
  • the models “Adapt” (S and C for 312, 416, 724) should be used the PDF Template named – “Adapt

(each PDF Template can be named as you wish)

The PDF Template has a hierarchy. It means that each inner PDF page will be created under the parent cover page (first page of the PDF document). (see the screenshot below) In that way, we will make sure that each page is completed and separated into the correct part of page content (more details see below).

Every single template(page) should contain only the content for a single page. If in this PDF Template will be entered more texts or images or other content than the one PDF page will be able to contain, then the content will be pushed to the bottom of the page (under the footer). And it meant that this part of the content will be hidden or even will be sent to the next extra page.

Please make sure that every single page (PDF Template) contains the content only for a single PDF page and this content is not too tall and will not hide under the page footer.

If you need to add more content, then you can add a new page to the PDF Template, and then you will be able to generate PDF documents with nice formatted content.


The Footer will be shown on each PDF page and this section can be edited by the usual Avada Builder here – https://energiland.dk/wp-admin/post.php?post=5993&action=edit&lang=da&classic-editor (this link can be changed on the page “PDF Settings”)

Both parts, PDF Page Content, and PDF Footer are created with THML layouts. Please keep current standards when these sections will be edited.